How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile And More

Consumer Health

Just like our vision, our dental health is very essential to our well-being. While glasses and contact lenses let us see better, dental implants can help with everyday activities like chewing food or talking. It’s best to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible, and patients receiving dental implants is one way to do so. We’ll explore some of the best benefits of receiving dental implants, including how it can improve your smile.

  1. Prevent You From Losing Other Teeth 

Your teeth are held into place by roots and surrounding teeth. As such, when a patient loses a tooth, other teeth can soon follow. This process often occurs because teeth surrounding your new gap can start sliding towards this gap and become loose. While it won’t happen overnight, by not filling this gap, a tooth can eventually try sliding into the gap and fall out. A dental implant prevents this issue from occurring.

  1. Improve Your Chewing Abilities 

Missing teeth make it harder to chew unless you’re only sticking to soft foods. A well-balanced and diverse diet will call for harder foods that require chewing, and missing teeth can make this chewing process extremely difficult. By getting a new dental implant, you can better enjoy your favorite foods and have a healthier diet.

  1. Safer Than Other Procedures

Procedures like dental bridges will require a dentist to file down some of your adjacent teeth to place crowns over them, essentially altering the structure of teeth that may already be healthy. While there are situations where dental bridges are the right way to go, it’s usually better to opt for dental implants when possible.

  1. Improve Your Communication Skills 

Having missing teeth or using tools like dentures will change the way you speak. Teeth gaps can cause you to have a lisp, while dentures can slide around, obscuring your words. Having difficulty communicating can quickly lower a person’s confidence, especially if they have a career that involves a lot of communication. However, even communicating with friends and family members can become harder with missing teeth. Dental implants can help you communicate just like any natural teeth can.

  1. Prevent Deterioration to Your Jaw

For your jawbone to be healthy, it needs stimulation from your teeth’s roots. When you lose a tooth, some pressure goes away, leading your body to reabsorb these nutrients elsewhere. A dental implant can help restimulate your jaw.

  1. Have a Fuller, Brighter Smile 

Of course, for many people, the main benefit of dental implants is that they will have a brighter smile and they can walk with confidence. Dental implants also won’t bring attention to your face, just like how some people prefer wearing contact lenses over glasses. Your teeth will look and feel natural. Unfortunately, many people with missing teeth may try hiding their smile due, but you can avoid this problem with dental implants—something our friends at TruGlo Modern Dental know a lot about.