Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Navigating the challenges of erectile dysfunction doesn’t necessarily just mean making adjustments to your sex life. Depending on the degree of your dysfunction, any trauma that you may have suffered in your past, and a host of other factors, it is possible that erectile dysfunction can significantly impact non-sexual aspects of your life as well. Thankfully, there are treatments available that move beyond drugs that only last for a few hours. Erectile dysfunction treatment has evolved in ways that allow patients to manage ED in ways that are far less time-sensitive and potentially anxiety-inducing.

How Is ED Treated?

As an experienced Erectile dysfunction doctor can confirm, there are numerous ways to address the challenges associated with ED. It is vitally important to schedule a consultation with a doctor to discuss your unique circumstances, though, as not every treatment is as effective for every patient. What works for you might not work well for someone else and vice versa.

For example, after receiving the results of some hormonal tests, you may discover that you suffer both from a magnesium deficiency and from low testosterone (probably caused, at least in-part, by the magnesium deficiency). Together with your doctor, you may determine that a course of testosterone injections and magnesium supplementation is likely to improve your situation.

Conversely, someone else could have excellent testosterone and magnesium levels and remain confused about what is contributing to their ED-related challenges. After a doctor has ruled out numerous other potential underlying causes of ED, they recommend that this patient gives IV therapy a try. By calming inflammation in the body or addressing any other “periphery” medical challenges that may be contributing to ED, IV therapy may be able to provide benefits that other therapies just can’t for a particular patient.  

Overcoming Embarrassment

All too often, individuals shy away from treating erectile dysfunction because they are too embarrassed to admit that they struggle with this issue in the first place. While it is understandable that you may have zero desire to take time out of your day to discuss erectile dysfunction with a doctor who you have never met before, it is important to keep in mind that having one uncomfortable conversation followed by a few treatment sessions could dramatically improve many aspects of your life for the better.

Simply telling somebody to not be embarrassed is unreasonable and is a silly course of action. If you are embarrassed, feel embarrassed. It is a normal and healthy emotion and it is nothing to be ashamed of. With that said, you don’t want to look back and wonder what could have been different if you had only had the courage to push through the embarrassment in order to address the underlying medical issues holding back your sex life and other very important aspects of your well-being.