Workers’ Compensation Claims For Carpal Tunnel

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In spite of the fact that desk jobs aren’t nearly as dangerous as many blue collar jobs, they still pose certain risks. Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome can occur from sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Hand and wrist pain, numbness, and weakness are symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can take years to develop. It is very difficult to win a workers compensation case for carpal tunnel syndrome, even though it is very likely to be caused by computer work.

Challenges In Proving Liability For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As an experienced attorney from The Lynch Law Group can explain, it may be difficult to prove that an injury caused by the duties of your job has culminated in a long-term condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, because of the long-term nature of these conditions. Every single one of us types all the time when we are free, whether it be on our smartphones or on our home computers for our free time. Any competent defense would argue that these activities contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome just as much as the tasks performed at work. Due to the fact that it is the plaintiff’s duty to prove that the injury was caused by the duties of the employer’s occupation, it is very likely that your lawsuit will be dead even before it gets off the ground. 

Legal Strategies Vary Between States

A workers’ compensation case for carpal tunnel syndrome in your state might be handled differently depending on the specifics of the state’s specific laws regarding how such a case would be handled. There are different classifications of carpal tunnel syndrome by different states, and each state has its own burden of proving that a plaintiff is entitled to compensation for their injuries in the form of compensation because the type of injury is considered different by different states. 

Challenges Imposed By Carpal Tunnel

Even so, it is important to note that carpal tunnel syndrome can be very painful and can make working difficult for an individual who relies on fine motor movements with their hands. Surgery and other remedies can be used to treat the condition, but these are not cheap options and are not suitable for all types of patients. You should consider contacting a workers’ compensation attorney in your local area if you have found yourself trapped by carpal tunnel syndrome, and you believe that the tasks at work you are performing have caused your condition, if you have convincing evidence that your work is the cause. 

Contact A Local Attorney

There are specific laws in each state regarding employment law, which makes it easier for an attorney with experience in the field of employment law to determine whether you have a valid case to be heard. The process of building a case will be influenced by many factors, and since this is a long-term injury you will also need to be prepared to bring as much proof as possible to your attorney in order to build your case. It is always good to speak to an attorney just to review your options even if there is never any guarantee that they will be suitable for you.